I am not your typical CPA

I graduated from UCLA with degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology. I moved to Seattle and enrolled at the University of Washington in the teacher training program. I thought I would be a teacher and sports coach. I found out I enjoyed kids, but did not like being their teacher.

After a few years I enrolled at City University in the Accounting program. I became a CPA in 1986 and have worked in public accounting ever since. I began working with family law clients in 2004 after I discovered Collaborative Law. I was a board member of King County Collaborative Law for a couple of years.

Divorce-related services

Since 2004, I have expanded my divorce-related services to include financial modeling, pension and business valuation, stock award and stock option valuation and separate/community calculations for retirement plans, brokerage accounts and real estate.

Although I still perform my CPA duties (individual and business tax return preparation and business and income tax consulting) my main practice is working with clients who are going through the divorce process.

I like helping people who are getting divorced! Not your typical CPA.

Helping with emotional and financial readjustment during divorce

I find satisfaction in helping people through the emotional and financial maze of divorce. I am a firm believer in divorce! I believe people should be happy and joyful, and to be happy and joyful our relationship with our spouse needs to be positive, supporting, fun, truthful and emotionally satisfying.

People divorcing face many emotional obstacles including fear, anger, uncertainty and shame. I am not a miracle worker, however, I can help alleviate some of the fear and uncertainty surrounding financial issues that accompany divorce. Divorce requires an emotional and financial readjustment. I help with the financial readjustment. Many times providing clarity on the financial issues also helps with readjusting emotionally.

In summary, I view my role as a divorce financial clarifier: I help clarify value of assets, fair property splits and fair maintenance awards.